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Border Collie Breeder Contact

So, I emailed this lady a while back when all the crap with Kibeth going downhill fast started.  She's a border collie breeder.  I emailed her at the end of June, asking if she thought I'd be a good home for one of her future puppies (I guestimated next year at the earliest).  No word back.

Until tonight.  She told me a litter of puppies was born July 30, and if I were interested, it was a $200 deposit and $1,000 for the puppy.  I CANNOT HAVE PUPPY RIGHT NOW.  However...

This is a litter of 7:  5 boys, 2 girls.

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At least she approved me for a future girl.  I get to go meet her dogs sometime soon.  Oh God. I haz puppy envy SO BAD.  Save me!

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There's a new litter of 4 puppies:  2 female, 2 male.  I have fallen in love with puppy #3.

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Has anyone here ever done any herding with their border collie?  Dolce's first instinct at a dog park is to run at, bark, and nip at tails to manipulate other dogs... All clearly herding behaviors.  He's even pulled fur out of their rears for laying down and not moving -- much to my horror.  I've been thinking of having an evaluation/lesson somewhere nearby just to "let him at 'em" but I don't know what I'm doing.


Border collie kisses

Is it just me, or do border collies have the softest tongues ever? Dolce does, and my Mom's bc mix, Ellie, does too!

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Serious Puppy Envy

I've seriously neglected this community... Let's get it back up and running!

To start, Contact Point Border Collies had another litter of 3 born today.  All of them are classic black & whites, 1 female, 2 males.  It's a relatively small litter, but oh so very cute on the puppy cam.  I want the little male with more white sooo badly.  The female I picked out from a previous litter, Bree, is still available... Ugh.  I just cannot have 4 in my little apartment, and we can't get a house right now while my fiance's in school and we're planning the wedding.  Not to mention, we don't have the $1200 to buy the puppy anyway.  Alas, I have serious heart throbs for the little red merle girl... I've already decided that no matter how cute, I will wait for a merle when I am able to get a puppy.

That led me to wonder... of the members here who have had their border collies since puppyhood, what are the tricks of the trade to raising one of these little beasts of cuteness?

Share your knowledge in the comments!  

I've found a wonderful trainer to work with in San Diego.  I was referred to her by her friend, Emily Larlham (AKA KikoPup on YouTube) I think this is going to be the final piece(s) of the puzzle for Dolce's rehab.  We've emailed back and forth, and she has an amazing YouTube channel.  Her name is Pam, and you can see all her stuff here.

Hope you all are well. :)

Sheepdog trial pictures

Yesterday we went to a local sheepdog trial so I could get pictures. I thought I'd share them with everyone!

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WW Dolce

He has the whole entire couch to use... Honestly, boy. <3

Here's a video of his fantastic recall at the dog park, and another of him alongside my fiancé on a bike ride. :)

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Britain's Worst Sheepdog

I thought you folks would appreciate this:

Britain's Worst Sheepdog Herded by Flock

Check out the video!

Puppy Cam!

Hey, everyone.  So I wanted to share this with you all... the breeder who I've decided is a very good breeder.  They just had puppies, and here's the puppy cam.  There's blue merles, red merles, and tri-coloreds.

If only this were the right timing for me... I'd take one of those merles home in a second!  Apparently, only red merles are spoken for, not the others so much.  Ugh.  The temptation...

Here's the mom, Contact Point's Poker Face, AKA Bluff.

And because no one can ever get enough PUPPIES!
PUPPY PICTURES!! Beware of cuteness!!Collapse )

In Anticipation...

I'm very eager to purchase and raise my first purebred border collie puppy from a breeder to do flyball, agility, and obedience in a few years.  I intend to do all that with Dolce, too; but I like to plan ahead and I know my wonderful greyhounds, who are almost 8 and 9 years old, can't be with me forever, and Dolce needs a buddy in the house.  I want to have a good relationship established with a breeder well in advance for when we are ready for a puppy.

That said, I've found Contact Point Border Collies in southern California.  From the Border Collie Breeder Referral List online, they're the only ones I really feel a good vibe from in my state or within a 5 hour drive.  I've sent them an email inquiring into the basics:  puppy pricing, raising method, contract, ideal home, etc.  I've also asked a couple questions about owning a purebred border collie (just general, "What's it like?"), and what these dogs in particular are like.  There's a dog I would love to have a puppy from, her name is "Bluff" and she's the perfect coloring for my dream border collie.  Her litter's pix had pups of her coloring.  I know that you shouldn't pick a dog based on coloring alone, but I am willing to wait for my ideal temperament mixed with the merle coloring of which I am so enamored.

Thoughts?  Do these people seem like good, reputable breeders to you all?  Any red flags?  Any recommendations for a good breeder in southern Cali?

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Maya's Magical Anthropology Adventure

Maya has officially returned from her two week stint in Enderby, where she became our official field school mascot. She was protector of our lodge (and did a damn good job of letting us know when people came onto the property), protector and nanny to a 3 year old and a six year old (I'm happy to say my BC plays well with kids, which alleviates some of my stress for when I eventually have a baby) and my own personal GTFO Bear Guard where we ran into a bear on a walk. Other than eating someone's unattended hot-dog and driving me mental trying to eat all the flies/bugs that were flying around, she was fantastic. I'm *so* impressed by my little tri-pod as this was her first official 'working' test. High-stress, high-activity environment for a PSD in training..and she passed. With flying colors. :D

She's not impressed to be piled high in the back of the truck with our gear for a 6 hour drive, but she lived (and enjoyed the river at the end of said drive haha) :P

Dolce Success Story!

Well, we've been working with Dolce's reactivity to other dogs using BAT the last several days.  I have seen improvement on walks, and am greatly encouraged. Today, however, is definitely icing on the cake. :)

This morning, we had the exterminator come out to spray for ants in our kitchen.  We all had to leave the house for 2 hours to allow the chemicals to dry.  Knowing Dolce is uncomfortable in a pet store, the daycare would cost too much for only 2 hours of use, I had only 1 place to go... The dog park.  We have no friends or family we could stay with, either.

I knew Kibeth and JoJo would be fine.  They enjoy going, and have great manners.  Dolce, I was very concerned about, obviously.  I know he'd made big progress off-leash at the dog park.  I was hopeful, though skeptical, that the same progress could carry over to an environment like the dog park.

I took the greys in first, leaving Dolce in the car right outside the fence.  Once they were settled in within a minute or so, I went back for Dolce, ready for the explosion.  He was eager to get out and be with us (part of my evil plan, lol) and didn't even bother so much with the barking little dogs in the Little Dog portion of the park.  When we entered, he immediately ran to greet Kibeth and JoJo, who were nearby.  After that, it was FINE.  He had a blast.  He even played fetch with me.  His border collie instincts kicked in, and he bit a few dogs on the rump and grabbed them by their tails, but he was HAPPY.  He made friends, he greeted strange people, and he would always come check on his family.  If he didn't know what to do, he would go hang with JoJo - the socially incredible with dogs and people of my pack.

I am SO RELIEVED.  I'm glad I didn't have to leave him in the car to wait for us, I'm glad he was happy-go-lucky and a normal dog.  I'm glad we can do this again.  Pix tomorrow for WW. :)


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Dolce Update

Hi, everyone.  Thanks to remix22 for sending me info on Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). I am employing this, in combination with Control Unleashed, to work with Dolce's reactivity to other dogs now.  We recently moved to a new, nicer apartment complex in the same city, about 2 miles from our old place.  Here, it is much more open, so there are far fewer corners to be surprised by strange dogs.  Overall, Dolce has improved.  However, he still barks, growls, lunges and gets tense when he sees another dog.  I'm am encouraged that his outbursts are shorter, and somewhat less intense already.

Thanks for your support, everyone!  I have abandoned attempts to correct him for his reactivity, in favor of BAT instead.

Let's keep this community alive... how is everyone else doing?  I have a question for you!  What are your favorite bonding activities to do with your border collies? =D

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Aces Introduction Post (finally)


This is Ace the Border Collie, male (minus some parts) and he's a skinny boy at about 38 pounds or so. We live in Ontario, Canada and got him from a breeder by the name of Hollowshot Border Collies. We had gotten our last dog from them (Max) and since he was such an awesome dog when we found out the breeder had a litter currently that had some of the same bloodlines as Max we just knew we needed to go take a look. Out of all the pudgy little pups Ace was the only one that ran out to my family and made his presence known. He cried and barked when we put him back with the others.

Sidenote: My name is Melissa, I'm 24 and I'm a dog groomer (so Ace is always soft and smells good). My boyfriend (Nathanael, 27) and I are currently staying with my parents (cause we're trying to be smart and pay off his school debt and save for a house, eeee). Anyway, we are constantly making comments along the lines of "Ace will be coming with us when we move out." He is technically a "family dog".

Ace will try pretty much anything. However, when he first tries a new treat he must roll in it and bat at it first. Which is amusing until the thing he has is rice and he gets it all over his furs. He has a few doggy friends but unfortunetly he's kind of a nutjob and is pretty reactive to new dogs staring at him or randomly approaching him. He has made a new friend in class though, after many weeks of slowly ignoring him and then finally slooooowly saying hi. I'm not really sure how to rate his herding instinct...he'd probably be better as the wolf eating the sheep then the ones herding them. He gives his frisbees a pretty good stare though.

Anyway. TLDR; Ace is pretty, here's some photos (lots, sowwy, some are huge).
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WW Dolce's BC Stare

Mom, Mom, I can haz bunny kong wubba now, yez?
Throw it, Mom!

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Learning About Dolce

So Dolce had his first brushing session since he came home.  I try to do it every couple months with my shedding greyhound (!) JoJo, and figured I'd do the same routine with Dolce, a whippet/border collie mix.

It came off in heaps!  Oh my goodness, his entire undercoat is going insane!  He's actually BLACKER.  Is it normal for border collies to shed like this?  I know whippets don't.

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Border Collies helping Border Collies

Border Collie DNA markers
by Trish Whitley on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 11:59am

Interested in contributing to the wellness of Border Collies?

Please read more:


Last year, I brought my BC Jen (who is deaf) to a BAER testing clinic that was being run by Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). They were performing the tests and taking blood samples in the hopes of finding a genetic marker in DNA for deafness in Border Collies.

I just received a call from Dr. Allison Ruhe of TGen, they have identified that there IS a DNA component and they are currently preparing for a larger study, and need more DNA samples.

Their website with this info, will be up in about a week, where you can go and request a free simple cheek swap DNA kit (I'll post here when I get it). If you have a deaf Border Collie (only) - please consider requesting a kit and sending in! This will aid their research so that in the future, breeders will be able to test sire/dam for the DNA markers BEFORE breeding their dogs!

If you want to request a kit sooner -

Please email: dogdna@tgen.org with your mailing address for your cheek swab kit!


I do not have an Epileptic Border Collie, (thank dog) but I know of people who do. :(

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is trying to get 15 more dogs - who have Epilepsy, to participate in cheek swab DNA test (kit available by mail). They need 15 more soon, in order for them to have the ability to get their grant to do research in finding a marker for Epilepsy in the Border Collie.

If you have a BC with Epilepsy - please email Dr. Allison Ruhe asap to request your free cheek swab DNA kit so that this study can be approved to move forward.

Due to the urgency - she's approved my giving our her email address so that you can confidentially request a kit: (please email before the end of April!)

Please email: dogdna@tgen.org with your mailing address.

Thanks for helping to make future generations free of both these conditions!

Border Collie tails.

Sometimes they have a life of their own.

Dolce Mastered Obedience 1!

Dolce graduated his 5 week crash course in obedience today!  Our final test was:
  1. Sit to greet.  I asked him to sit stay on my left side while the trainer, Amanda, approached us and shook my hand.  He had to stay in a sit the entire time.  I misunderstood the task, and thought he had to sit when someone approached him by himself... We never actually worked on it this way!  Doesn't matter, that's the only one he nailed 100% the first time.
  2. Leave it.  Amanda put her treat pouch (closed, but smelly) on the floor.  We had to walk by it and when I said leave it, he had to ignore it.  Epic fail first couple tries.  He was completely overrun by his nose and this new, smelly, yummy bag.  I decided to practice with the treat jar we'd worked on earlier in the morning to refresh his memory.  3rd time's the charm... he left it piece of cake when we passed it the first time, and then again when I decided to show off and turn around for a 2nd try. =D
  3. Go to your mat.  Down-stay while Mom sits down.  This was the HARDEST one for him to conquer at home.  The first time I asked him to go to his mat, he did, but when he tried to lay down, he sort of ran into the edge of it (it's one of those fleece crate beds) and decided to stay in a sit.  We went away and tried again.  Once again, he sat, but when I didn't fawn in approval, he remembered to lay down about 5 seconds later.  I told him to stay, and went and sat down in the chair roughly 3 feet away.  He did it!  Amanda then told me to call him to me and release him, which he did VERY well. :) 
Let me just say that I am super proud of my Little Man.  We were again the only ones in attendance, so we had a private lesson on his reactivity afterward.  We worked on Look At That, and Look At Me and got a great little hand-out on Control Unleashed principles.  I found out that when he does day camp, Amanda will be the one to work with him, should I sign him up for a lesson during the day.  That's great news.  She's young and seemingly insecure about teaching in front of a group of strangers, but she definitely knows her stuff and is great to work with.  Dolce likes her treats better than any of ours, too, so she's an instant win in his book.  That's not something that's always easy to do.

We got a nifty certificate and everything, + a $10 coupon on our next classes.  Can't wait!  Dolce LOVES learning, and I love training him.  SO much more fun than the hounds (sorry girls) who will only work for gourmet chicken, lol.

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Dolce's Graduation!

We are going to graduate (assuming we pass the test) from Obedience 1 this Thursday!  Be sure to wish us luck.  We have to:
  1. Leave a tempting something as we pass by it on a loose leash. "Leave it."
  2. Go to his mat, down-stay while I leave to sit in a nearby chair.  "Go to your mat."
  3. Sit to greet a friendly stranger.  Most likely the trainer, because 1/2 the classes have been private lessons; none of our classmates showed up.  "Greet politely."
Does anyone else have a dog that they feel speaks English better than commands?  Dolce instantly responded to, "Dolce, go to your mat please" without training, but, "Go to your mat" meant absolutely nothing with training.  Similarly with down.  "Down" meant nothing with training, but "Dolce, lay down" worked without effort.  He now knows the commands as well, but I'm just wondering.

We learned a lot in class.  It's only a 5 week class, but it's chalk-full of info.
  1. sit
  2. stay (in a stand, sit, and down)
  3. down
  4. greet
  5. go to your mat
  6. come
  7. Dolce (respond to his name)
  8. click = awesomely-good-job treat is coming
  9. Look at me (give me eye contact and don't look anywhere else until I say so)
  10. Okay, All Done = good job, you are released!
We also got lots of tips for his insecurity/reactivity.  It's helped a lot.  He really enjoys learning, it's so much fun for the both of us.

Hope you're all having a wonderful post-holiday week!

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At-Home Agility

Hey, guys.  I'm looking for ways to practice agility basics for cheap or free at home -- a very small home with no yard.  Suggestions? 

Zeke and the Great Border Issue

So I've applied for Zeke, and spent two hours on the phone yesterday talking to the woman fostering him.

Things I learned about Zeke:
1. He's been shuffled through 4 homes - 4th is his foster. Bought at eight weeks, was "Too much dog", was rehomed, was "Too much dog" then adopted by a woman with her own disc team. He started disc training at 9 months, was kept with that lady for 6 months and then she lost everything. Zeke and three of her (once seven) dogs went to Ravensgate Rescue. He's been there since November or December of last year.
2. He is motion reactive and semi sound reactive. He works himself up into a frenzy if one dog is on one side of a fence and he's on the other. He has barrier aggression (doesn't like to be separate or restrained from the action, oh hai Maya what's up?) Eileen says once he starts barking, you've lost him. If you can keep him under the barking threshold, you can retrieve his focus.
3. One on one, in limited distraction areas, he is phenomenal she says. Super attentive, responsive and focused. Someone's done great work with him one on one, but probably only in a fenced back yard or otherwise quiet field etc.
4. Great dog-to-dog skills, good with cats, not super drivey (only after larger things)
5. People shy. Does *not* want people to reach out and grab him. Ignore him, he's totally fine to come up and seek you out. Try and seek him out, and he'll do nervous appeasement circles around you super suspiciously. (He wants to be friends but he doesn't quite know how unless he initiates)
6. The crate = off switch. That's the only place he's perfectly calm and quiet and chilled out. We'll have to work on that with a 'place' command and phase it calm in the crate to a calm where I place him. (dog bed or patch of grass or wherever in circumstances where it's required).

The major, major issue at this point is the fact she wants me to come to Washington. I'd love to, but I don't have a freakin' passport! I have four or five people willing to drive down and retrieve Zeke for me, but I physically *cannot* cross the border myself to meet her/him on her property. I wrote a giant email detailing how ridiculous I feel but what can I do? I don't have the extra $150 to rush my passport for the 48 hour time frame, nor do I have the time realistically to traipse down to WA for a whole day. (Not with Maya, work and prep for Enderby).

Anyway, for those of you interested in my Zeke story, it's at a standstill currently. The application is in, I got the Green as being a "suitable home for this diamond in the rough dog". Keep your paws crossed for me, Maya and Zeke!

Dolce's E-Vet Visit

Last night around 11:30, Dolce went to the emergency vet.  He threw up 3 times, and had diarrhea the last 24 hours with 2 accidents in the house that night and 1 in the morning.  He was walking weirdly, very tense, and slanted to the side with a curve in his body.  He was so tense, he looked like a dead goldfish on the sides.  He would sit, look up, and stare into space.  So off we went.

When they examined him and brought him back to us (my fiancé and me), they told me he was stable. ::whew:: He likely just had a flu bug.  So they injected fluid under the skin, gave us a couple cans of Purina bland diet, and some upset tummy helpers.  He's doing better today, no accidents, no vomiting; although he's quite subdued. It's strange having him so calm in the house all day.

I'll gladly pay $200 to find out that my dog will be fine.

ETA:  I was surprised that Dolce acted so protective of me when the vet came in.  He growled and barked, though shushed when I snapped my fingers and said, "No."

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